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2018/01/11 - Napoli - Castel dell'Ovo



From 11 January 2018 to 30 January 2018

Castel dell'Ovo
TICKET COST: free admission

"... in that naked silence, in that small circle, there is the bet of man ... The naked gardens of earth, the faces astonished, unstable, vulnerable, an explanation of conceptuality, a return to the source. Silence on the silence that accompanies the silent work of the Circle and the Shoah ".
Giorgio Sorel

Thursday, January 11, 2018 at the Halls of the Prisons of Castel dell'Ovo will be inaugurated the solo exhibition of the artist Giorgio Sorel entitled "The Circle and the Shoah".

The event, organized together with the City of Naples, is part of the initiatives related to the "Day of Memory". On display are a series of works with a strong human and expressive value in which the figures stand or languish emaciated and lacerated in dark backgrounds, dominating all shades of gray and brown, with sudden blows of red and rips of a full-bodied white and material. All the works of Sorel are material and dense: the simultaneous use of different materials such as synthetic waxes, quartz sands and glazes on laminated, thickened papers, on canvases and on tables is romantically combined with traditional oil painting. that with lucidity contributes to the creation of evanescent atmospheres, gloomy, indefinite and yet so tremendously real. An incessant formal and technical research, an exhausting intimacy of fervor and a burning passion, made of incredible hatred and incredible love for what concerns man and the events he provoked or passively endured, result in an impressive production such as the heavy burden of the Consciousness that the man himself carries with him along the path he has traveled over time and that he travels every day. An important journey, an emotional and emotional excursus that traces the tragic events of the extermination carried out by the Nazi regime against an entire people, an intense digression on that horrendous genocide and its consequences, an opportunity to reflect on the saddest page of the history of the twentieth century and to never forget. Giorgio Sorel was born in Bologna in 1939 and currently resides and works in the province of Piacenza. Intense and dramatic artist has always tackled with great passion and sensitivity themes related to Man and to Existence; touching themes faced with an expressive and expressionist attitude on the condition of human loneliness and on the great events that have marked history.

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2018/07/01 - Tax of stay in Italy

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