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2017/06/11 - Lecce - Aragonese Castle



From June 11, 2017 to September 24, 2017

Aragonese Castle

TICKET COST: full € 12, reduced € 10 for groups of at least 12 visitors, € 6 for children under 18. Free for children under 6 years

A ticket including the exhibition Caravaggio and the caravaggeschi in southern Italy from the Longhi Foundation collection

"There is a deep relationship, a new relationship, between narrative and photography.
Blame the narration, credit for photography. "

We always think of exhibition spaces as perfect places, where the works that are counted are the works. Works are made by museums: artistic masterpieces inhabit them and make them what they are. In fact, the exhibition spaces are places inhabited by people, visitors, and in many cases masses of people who move, stop, watch, meditate, go and go, draw routes, tell a story, contribute to Making the art exhibition something mobile, ductile, always different. To put it all, no museum or art gallery is conceivable without an audience.

Roberto Cotroneo, a writer and essayist, author of Otranto's novel and a collection of poems entitled "The Devils of Otranto" devoted to the Salento city, has for some years been supporting his writing work with that of photography. And for more than three years he has watched and photographed the audience in the exhibition spaces. In their movements, in their postures, in their expressions, in the ability to cross the spaces, thresholds, and places.

In the Aragonese Castle, next to the exhibition dedicated to Caravaggio and his followers, an exhibition will be set up this spring at the National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome, with which Roberto Cotroneo began his photography career in recent years. The Genius Loci show. In the art theater, as well as the book accompanying it, published by Contrast, are the result of this long work on the relationship between public and art, between works and photographic images. Exposed photographs lead the visitor to a sort of theater, in a scene where actors enter the stage of art, or prepare to do so. The halls of a museum of art provide for an audience looking at the works, but not a public looking at an audience. Yet among the first things that must be taken into account, and which is the origin of this work, is that in the theater of art, the scene is not the work of the work but of the public.

As the author writes, "the work, in the era of technical reproducibility, finds its uniqueness only by sharing it with the visitor, subtracting its aesthetic power to give it to those who pass, to those who stop, to those who look" .

The exhibition, organized by the City of Otranto and Civita Mostre, together with that on Caravaggio and Caravaggeschi, will be accessible to the public with the entry ticket of the Aragonese Castle, which allows you to visit all the environs of the fortress, from the underground to the outfits dedicated to the history of the city.

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