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2015/04/01 - Croatia and Slovenia - New fee for tourist buses

During 2014, came into force a new law in Croatia and Slovenia, which requires the company to transport foreign to pay VAT on the basis of kilometers traveled on the territories Croats and Slovenes.

Last year, no charterer has been sanctioned or controlled, but for some time, there is much talk of this law, and it could be that start controls
Here is the information on the required steps:

- Any foreign transport company must register with the Ministry of Finance for a VAT number Slovenian.
- The company then receives a document with the VAT number and must make a statement once a year.
- The VAT in Slovenia is 9.5%, and the price is calculated per kilometer in the area (for example, if 1 km costs about € 1.00 and we travel 200 km in Slovenia, the calculation will be: 1, 00 x 0.095 x 200 km = 19 €)

For Croatia:
- Any foreign transport company must register with the Ministry of Finance for a VAT number Croatian.
- The rental company, then receives a document with the number of VAT and the end of the year must declare which months were made trips, with the total amount of all trips.
- The VAT in Croatia is 25%, and you pay for every kilometer traveled in the area (for example, if one kilometers costs about € 1.00 and we travel 200 km in Croatia, the calculation will be: 1.00 x 0:25 x 200 km = 50 €)
The amount of this tax may be reduced upon submission of invoices or tolls diesel that already include VAT.

To get the number of VAT departments Croats and Slovenes (which are available in Croatian, German or English) must submit a memorandum of association of the company (declaration or registration in the register of companies) translated into Croatian by a sworn translator.

If the rental company does not want to show any VAT, has the opportunity to go to a tax advisor and Croatian / Slovenian or who can take care of this statement in its place (paid service).
Warning for travel in Slovenia, the consultant must be Slovenian and travel in Croatia, the Croatian will.

It is important that drivers of all buses entering Croatia or Slovenia must submit, in the controls, the registration statement with the VAT number for Croatia and Slovenia.

Faced with these new regulations, we inform you that the 'West agency is able to offer its assistance through local contacts.

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